Learn courage with Little Brave

Little Brave helps kids understand the true meaning of courage, doing things scared. Little Brave helps them find the courage to try new things and face their battles.

Animation of a knight Little Brave riding his horse as confetti falls
Inside spread of a knight Little Brave and his horse

Little Brave Read Along

Little Brave Read Along

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Now you can watch and listen to Little Brave read by the author, Rose Sprinkle! Experience Little Brave with animation effects, text on screen, sound effects, and voiceover acting with narration.
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The knight who faces the dragon

Little Brave

"True courage is not to live without fear. It is to fight even when it is near."

"Helps with anxiety"


The books are written for ages 3-12. They come both in hardcover and softcover versions.

The purpose of writing these books is to create universal stories that foster emotional growth and character despite personal differences and beliefs. The books do not contain any religious-affirming language and are considered agnostic, although some stories have spiritual undertones. Little Charity and Little Faith, for example, show prayer in illustrations to convey hope.

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Illustrating a children's book is no easy task and Illustrators can easily burn out! Because there are so many virtues to write to and create, we decided on a much more collaborative approach. Each book in the series was purposefully delegated to an illustrator. And although they're different, they all feel like part of the same family. I love the uniqueness of each book while still looking like part of the whole.

The Little Virtues Series is published by WIPF Stock and Publishers. If you're interested in ordering them wholesale for your store or shop, please check out the contact us page.

It's completely up to you! The compilation is one bound book with an affirmations page at the beginning to recite together. It's nice for kids who want to read from one book. But if you love having a collection, then the whole set as single hardcovers is available too.

We love collaborations! You can check out our contact page to reach out.

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