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"Profound in the lessons they teach."

I love the simplicity of the stories while still being so profound in the lessons they teach. Great books. I hope lots of kids read these because then lots of adults will too and both need these messages!

Rita Shume
Boise, Idaho

"Encouraging children to find self worth!"

My 5 year old daughter immediately fell in love with these books wanting to read them again and again. The lessons in the book are ones to reflect on from youth into adulthood. Highly recommended.

Shawna Robertson
Portland, Oregon

"Such a great message for every age."

Absolutely love these books. Such a great message for every age. I’m 62 & I thoroughly enjoy them and my 3-year-old granddaughter. She has asked her Mom to read little virtues to her every day since she got them.

Julie Maynard
Columbus, Ohio

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Teach Life Lessons
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Collect all eight books, each with a different life lesson to help nurture a child’s social-emotional learning.
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Sparks Meaningful Conversation

Each book addresses emotions and internal struggles that resonate with kids, giving parents and caregivers the perfect teaching opportunity.

Teaches Values in Kid Speak

Written in rhyme-verse, the books make social-emotional learning fun and easy to understand even for the youngest learner.

Includes the Whole Family

These books are loved by kids and adults alike for their timeless tales that relate to the inner child in all of us.

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