The books are written for ages 0-12 but are also loved by teenagers and adults. Here's how you might best be able to best use storytime depending on your little one's age.

This is a great time to instill a love of reading in your child and spend time together. The books have captivating pictures that keep their attention. You can paraphrase the story if it's too long.

This is when children start to understand they have emotions, but don't know how to identify them. This is a great time to talk about what The Little Virtues are feeling, and empathize with your child about their feelings.

At this point your child is learning how to emotionally regulate. When reading, discuss how The Little Virtues learn to work through their emotions to make good decisions.

All of the above and now children are feeling more pressure around certain issues that they'll be able to relate to in the stories and feel comfort seeing a good role model in these characters.

The purpose of writing these books is to create universal stories that foster emotional growth and character despite personal differences and beliefs. The books do not contain any religious-affirming language and are considered agnostic, although some stories have spiritual undertones. Little Charity and Little Faith, for example, show prayer in illustrations to convey hope

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Illustrating a children's book is no easy task and Illustrators can easily burn out! Because there are so many virtues to create and the illustrations are so detailed, we decided on a much more collaborative approach. Each book in the series was purposefully delegated to an illustrator. And although they're different, they all feel like part of the same family. Each book is unique while still looking like part of the whole.

It's completely up to you! The compilation is one bound book with five of the eight virtue stories, and an affirmations page at the beginning to recite together. It's nice for kids who want to read from one book. But if you love having a collection, then the whole set is available as single hardcovers or softcovers as well.

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