The award-winning children's books that teach kindness, courage, and much more.

The Little Virtues compilation includes five stories that each teach a different moral. Now it’s easy and fun to teach kids virtues and emotional resilience with these award-winning rhyme verse stories.

Stories loved by moms and readers of all ages

The Little Virtues are award winning and loved by adults too! They’re the recipient of the Mom’s choice awards which features family friendly content.  

Here's what readers have to say

Each Little Virtue teaches a different moral and emotion

Instills feelings of self-worth

• Confidence building
• Positive self-talk
• Healthy relationships

Instills honesty and integrity

• Confidence
• Responsibility
• Truthfulness

Instills feelings of self appreciation

• Growth mindset
• Inner wisdom
• Self-advocacy

Helps overcome fear and doubt

• Identifying feelings
• Anxiety reduction
• New experiences

Instills humility, cooperation, and grace

• Responsibility
• Asking for help
• Forgiveness

Instills selflessness and connection to others

• Inclusion
• Making Friends
• Consideration

Instills strength and hope 

• Stressful situations
• Anxiety reduction
• Articulating heavy emotions

Includes five virtues 

• Cost effective
• Hardcover & Softcover
• One book, five stories

Meet the author

Rose Sprinkle is an award-winning author who never imagined she would write children's books. In 2019 she first wrote Little Love, and now has grown to include six more stories with more on the way. She lives in the Seattle, Washington area with her husband and two frisky beagles.

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