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The making of Little Love

Read behind the scenes of how Little Love was made and illustrated.

How Little Love came to be

Learn about how Little Love was fives years in the making.

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"My 2 year old loves this book. The artist did a fantastic job with the illustrations and the story is so sweet and wholesome. I’m glad there is a book like this for my little one to read and affirm that loving yourself is what’s truly important"
- Kimberly Phelps
"Absolutely love this book. This is a must for every household. Such a great message for every age. I’m 62 & I thoroughly enjoy it. My granddaughter is 3 & she loves this book. Obviously she cannot read but the pictures entertain her because they are illustrated beautifully. She has asked her Mom to read this to her every day since she got it. "
- Jane Wheeler
This wonderful book has not only a tremendously important message for kids about self-acceptance, but the artwork is extraordinary and engaging. My 5 year old daughter immediately fell in love with the book and its message, wanting to read it again and again. Highly recommended
- Jim Tedrick
Little Love isn't just a story to capture the attention of children, but speaks to adults on a raw, earnest level. We so badly need to understand the lesson we read in Little Love. It's not only heart warming but inspiring and motivating.
- Erika Schultz

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