Little Love Press Release


New children’s book Little Love teaches important lesson:
It’s what’s inside that counts

Publisher Resource Publications says both children and adults will relate to timeless story about empowerment and learning to love oneself

Eugene, OR, April 10, 2019Little Love, a new children’s book written by first-time author Rose Stanek, is the antithesis of the worldly message children and adults often hear—that love is something you earn.

Published by Resource Publications, an imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers, a growing publisher based in the Northwest, Little Love is loosely based on Stanek’s own challenging life experiences that left her with “a hole in her heart” and desperately trying to find “happy” again.

“I went through some pretty rough challenges over a 4-year period. Everything from mental health issues to a business folding and a loss of a loved one. The pressure was very real. The more I fixated on my own pain, the more miserable and isolated I felt,” explained Stanek.

The book’s underlying message is that it’s important to learn how to love oneself and realize that you are indeed “enough.” That the constant worldly pressures that drive some people to chase after more—whether it’s fame, beauty, or attention—won’t bring true inner peace and happiness. Instead, Little Love discovers that it’s who she is on the inside and the love that she gives that really matters.

Little Love is just as much a story for adults as it is for kids. It’s easy to relate to Little Love’s experiences because I think we all feel inadequate in one way or another. My hope in writing this book is that it will help people to understand that they’re not so alone.  We all need to be needed. We all need to be loved and cherished. We all need healing,” said Stanek.

For Stanek, that healing process began with asking herself: “What if my life is exactly as it should be? What if I need these experiences so I can help someone else who is struggling?” She channeled that new self-awareness into Little Love and feels there are more stories to be told. “I’ve always wanted to write a children’s book , and I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to share this story,” said Stanek.

Wipf and Stock Publishers’ Managing Editor/Owner, Jim Tedrick, commented: “When Rose’s book proposal for Little Love came to me, I was struck not only by this wonderful story that ought to be shared, but by Rose herself: her vision, drive and talent are at the heart of this delightful book—with more books to come.”

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